“Meet Fia, who paved new roads and marked new footprints in life - and who can help you find
your new paths and mark your unique footprints in the sand of life.”
My name is Fia and I am born and raised in Malmö, Sweden
I have always been interested in spirituality and my conscious journey towards spiritual awakening,
started many years ago.
My spirituality is about following my deepest truth, which is connected to what I am passionate about.
And my passion is to help people in different ways, to feel good and live well.
I see the deepest truth as honesty, compassion and unconditional - as well as limitless - love, which to
me is the highest, purest energy that exists, within the field of working with people and healing.
During my spiritual journey I have taken a wide array of healing courses, such as Angel Healing and
Omni Therapy, to name a few.
This in combination with my own meditations and hands on experience as a healer have led me to
develop “my truth” - my own method of healing, which I call “Freedom Therapy”.
In addition to this I also work with the new healing method called “Clear Balance.”
I believe that it is important for every healer to find their own way and their own frequency to work
from. For me, finding and developing this have led to my treatments becoming more powerful and
working on deeper levels.
I found the footsteps of my life...


Many people feel stuck in life, for various reasons.
They find it difficult to take initiative and get things done, or to get going. When this happen they often
carry energies within them that have a negative effect on them.
Healing4You is a treatment method that I have developed and it focuses on helping the client heal
on deeper, even subconscious levels.
During a treatment, my inner vision is activated and this makes it possible for me to perform a
complete treatment, spanning different levels of depth and dimensions of the client – which means it
reaches and works on the whole of their being - their Body, Mind and Soul.

This form of treatment includes several different methods, which are:
* Spiritual Surgery
* Ethereal Cleansing
* Body Therapy
* Healing
* Conversations
My intuition, body, hands and guides are my tools when I work.
This means that I feel my way into the body of the client and their energy system and remove negative
components that the client's body is ready to let go of.
This can be anything from physical pain, objects and events from earlier lives, or other types of
energies that hinder the client in this life, here and now.
In addition, the client also receives a channelled message that may help them move forward in life.
Therefore, Healing4You is a method that has the potential to help the client both physically,
emotionally and spiritually.
In example by:
* Processing suppressed feelings and empowering the inner self
* removing negative imprints from this, as well as earlier lives
* pain relief and improved physical energy
Healing4you 60 minutes; 600:-


Clear Balance is a treatment method in which I utilize incredibly intelligent and high frequency water
energies, that heal that client's system on all levels. Through Clear Balance the client has the potential
to process trauma and receive a full “reset” of their system. During the treatment the therapist channels
the client's:
* traumas
* cell memories
* blood memories
This makes it possible for the client to cleanse their system and enter a completely new phase in life,
with brand new possibilities.
During a Clear Balance treatment the therapist channels the client's trauma, but doesn't add any energy.
When the client has released encumbering and hindering energies, space will open up within them, so
that the client themselves can take in and fill up their energy system with their own new energies.
This makes this treatment method, pure, clear and unaffected by the therapist's own energies.
The energy in Clear Balance adjusts automatically to the optimal frequency for the client and
maximizes the client's awareness.
After treatments with Clear Balance, the light body and rainbow aura are activated.

Clear Balance 60 minutes 1500:-
Clear Balance remotely 2x 60 minutes 1500:-


House cleansing, remotely 600:-
Healing4You 60 minutes 600:-
Clear Balance 60 minutes 1500:-
Clear Balance remotely, 2x 60 Min 1500:-



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